About us

Known as “Peasant Woman” in Two Dimensions”, Malevich’s Red Square got another name: the Symbol of the Revolution, no less.

Without encroaching on the revolution in The Eternal City, we offer a revolutionary perspective on traditional Roman cuisine in two opposite dimensions.

The concept of the restaurant is the union of two antipodes: cuisine for followers of a healthy lifestyle and cuisine for “bad guys”. Combining the seemingly incompatible, we demonstrate the golden ratio of common sense: that which is created with love and quality does not have pros and cons. Excellent two-pound steak, chocolate pudding, steamed salmon, seaweed, pasta or gourmet burger are equally healthy and palatable for people who are positive, easy-going, enthusiastic and passionate about life.

The Eternal City has seen a lot; Rome bravely juggled the traditions but remained faithful to them; it received everyone within its walls, without suffering a keen desire to be liked. Rome is beautiful in its rusticity and simultaneous openness to the new. We offer you a gastronomic journey at the crossroads of tradition and innovation making our restaurant a destination point of Rome.

Our kitchen is open non-stop all day long, our wine and gourmet tapas bar is created for those who are ready to be attracted and enjoy the top level of small snacks and great wines.

Our Fridays and Saturdays explode imagination with an amazing live and DJ music, crazy dancing and of course delicious food. All in one place.

Where to go in Rome? Red Square is the answer!


Tapas bar
Gourmet menu